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Image of personal lubricants for cancer patients.

Women with Cancer Thwart Vaginal Dryness Using Personal Lubricants

Last month, I had the honor of speaking to a wonderful group of women with cancer at Gibbs Cancer Center in Spartanburg, South Carolina. During that talk, an interesting question came up: What is the difference between vaginal lubrication, moisturizer, and estrogen cream? When and why would each be used? This is an important question for women with cancer because different … [ Read more » ]

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Homeopathy: A Little Poison is Good for You?

How does Dr. Steven's "The Healing Paradox" fit in the realm of cancer patients and oncology? Before delving into the book review, I want to reiterate that patients … [ Read more » ]



Stress Management for Hospitality Employees at GVSU Hospitality Summit

Today I lead a breakout session at Grand Valley State University's 2014 Hospitality Summit. The title of the presentation was "Stress Management for Hospitality … [ Read more » ]

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Tai Chi, Stress, Mental Health and Cancer Patients [InfoGraphic]

The following infographic, adapted from a paper by Wang et al. (2010) titled "Tai Chi on psychological well-being: Systematic review and meta-analysis," highlights the outcomes of Tai Chi on mental health. Tai Chi is an effective relaxation, meditation, and stress management technique while also providing exercise. The mind-body medicine camp touts such a modality as “moving … [ Read more » ]

Sexual Wellness During Cancer Treatment

Sexual Wellness During and After Cancer Treatment

This blog entry is the first in a monthly series aimed at addressing some of the concerns around sexual wellness during and after cancer treatment. This is in no way meant to replace medical advice or psychological therapy. Always discuss with your medical support team any alternative therapies you might be incorporating into your treatment and recovery. Sexual wellness is a … [ Read more » ]

Treating Cancer Acupuncture

Treating Cancer with Acupuncture

Guest post by Dr. Marina Abrams, ND, MSAOM. Dr. Abrams is the Medical Director of Water's Edge Natural Medicine, a naturopathic clinic specializing in holistic health and anti-aging treatments, located in Seattle, Washington. She can be found on Twitter @WatersEdgeMed. Treating Cancer with Acupuncture Acupuncture is an ancient healing modality in which practitioners … [ Read more » ]


Cytokines: Report from the Society for Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis

Werner Absenger, Saybrook School of MBM PhD Candidate, Examines How Hypnosis Can Impact the Modulation of Cytokines: Report from the Society for Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis (Adapted with permission from Dr. Don Moss and The Saybrook Forum). Werner Absenger is a PhD Candidate in the Saybrook University School of Mind-Body Medicine, with a specialization in healthcare … [ Read more » ]

Can and should pancreatic cancer patients find ways to be physically active?
Image credit: luislouro / 123RF Stock Photo

Pancreatic Cancer Patients, Obesity and Weight Loss: How To Increase Longevity?

A diagnosis of pancreatic cancer carries with it an often unfathomable prognosis. Pancreatic cancer patients face complicated decisions pertaining quality of life issues as well as life expectancy. For many pancreatic cancer patients, life prolongation becomes a principal issue. What I am going to report here is by no means a panacea that will fix all problems, but it might be … [ Read more » ]

Clinical Hypnosis and the Immune System- A Pilot Study Follow Up

Clinical Hypnosis and the Immune System: A Pilot Study Follow Up

Last December I posted an announcement that I was going to look for participants for a pilot project, investigating the effects of clinical hypnosis on the cytokine Interleukin 1-beta. The aim was to recruit nine pancreatic cancer patients for this project. However time constraints did not allow for this to happen. So I looked to healthy volunteers to do this study. I … [ Read more » ]


Pancreatic Cancer: Seaweed’s Secret Cancer Fighting Benefits

Revealed... at least in the Petri dish1. We’ll get back to that in a couple of paragraphs.  Short Intro to the Topic Cancer patients and their healthcare providers need reliable cancer diet information. How so? A recent paper published by Champ et al.2 highlights the predicament faced by cancer patients as well their primary-care physicians to find good, reliable … [ Read more » ]

Image of can guided imagery improve the immune system of breast cancer patients

Guided Imagery Improves Immune System’s Ability to Fight Cancer

Guided imagery, a mind-body modality, improves the immune system of cancer patients! That’s nuts, right? How could “Training focused on concentration and visualization of the immune cells destroying… cancer cells”1 (p. 208) have an impact on a body system out of voluntary control? At first glance, mind-body regulation of the immune system seems to good to be true! If this … [ Read more » ]

Acupuncture and Dysphagia-What Cancer Patients Learn from a Study Protocol-Part Three

Mind-Body Medicine: What Cancer Patients Learn from a Study Protocol? (Part Three)

In the third and last post of this three post series (read part one here and part two here), “Ayo,” a head and neck cancer patient, continues to discover essential questions to discern whether acupuncture, a mind-body medicine modality, might be a treatment option for dysphagia (difficulty swallowing), a common chemoradiation side effect for head and neck cancer patients. So … [ Read more » ]

Acupuncture and cancer image

Acupuncture and Cancer: What Cancer Patients Learn from a Study Protocol (Part Two)?

How can cancer patients know if acupuncture is an effective treatment for dysphagia? This three part series attempts to show how to evaluate alternative medicine and mind-body medicine research. In the second of this three part series (read part one here and part three here), we continue to follow “Ayo” a head and neck cancer patient. We find out what he does to discover … [ Read more » ]