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Image of Healing the healers mind body medicine workshop announcement

Healing the Healers: A Mind-Body Medicine Workshop for Health Professionals

Join us for Healing the Healers, an all day mind-body medicine workshop just for nurses. Click here to download the workshop flyer in full color. Healing the Healers Workshop Background Nurses work with those who are traumatized. Nurses often experience stress from the emotional wear and tear of their caregiver role in health care environments. This kind of stress can lead to professional burnout, chronic illness, … Read Full Article

A brief mindful eating exercise with Valerie Lego from WZZM 13

A Brief Mindful Eating Exercise Demonstrated by Valerie Lego and Werner on WZZM 13

On January 15, 2015, Werner talked about ACEF's Mindful Eating Program with Valerie Lego from WZZM 13. Valerie was kind enough to briefly volunteer in a mindful eating exercise. This short presentation showed that mindful eating can allow you to become aware of the positive and nurturing opportunities that are available for food choice and preparation. In the mindful eating exercise, Valerie demonstrated that eating … Read Full Article


A Mindful Eating Program: Answer to Obesity and Cancer?

If you are not familiar with mindful eating, maybe it is time to familiarize yourself with this construct. In this article, I am going to explain what mindful eating is. I am also going to introduce our six-week mindful eating program. You also learn about the relationship between obesity and cancer. The goal here is to give you enough information so you can make an educated decision if our mindful eating program is … Read Full Article


ACEF’s Self-Management Programs: How Much is Membership and Classes?

The Big Picture By becoming a member of the Absenger Cancer Education Foundation, you are not just a member of the center, you are a part of the cause. Together we share a commitment to improving the quality of life of West Michigan’s citizens. Your membership will not just bring about a meaningful change in you, but in our community too. Whether you are a cancer survivor, loved one, caregiver or interested in improving … Read Full Article


Dave Jaconette and I Talk About Meditation, Mindfulness and the Journey that Brought Me Here on WJRW 1340 AM

Sound Off! West Michigan with Dave Jaconette on WJRW News Talk 1340 AM Dave and I had a great conversation about meditation, mindfulness and the journey that brought me here on WJRW News Talk 1340 AM the other day. I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation, and I think you might find it interesting as well. Provided (thank you Dave) are two audio files for you to listen to at your leisure. The conversation touched on … Read Full Article


What Is Meditation Anyway and Why Should You Care?

Meditation is a mind-body medicine practice that has been used throughout history to increase calmness and physical relaxation. It is important to know that mind-body medicine modalities focus on the interaction between your brain, mind, body, and behavior. Thus, meditation can help you manage stress, improve psychological balance, help you cope with illness, and help you enhance your overall health and well-being. I … Read Full Article


Moving Forward in Cancer Survivorship: How ACEF Can Help

After about a year of preparation for trying to find the perfect place and then getting it ready for occupancy, we are finally able to begin operations of The Absenger Cancer Education Foundation in Spring Lake, West Michigan. What Does this Mean for a West Michigan Cancer Survivor? As far as we know, the Absenger Cancer Education Foundation is West Michigan’s only organization dedicated exclusively to the integration … Read Full Article

mick in Bangkok

Mick Von Doxtater Joins Us as Thaichiwa Qigong Instructor

The Three Keys of Thaichiwa Qigong The three keys of Thaichiwa, the name of the - Mind, Body, Spirit, Chi exercises, Mick Von Doxtater practices and teaches are: Movement - Meals - Massage. The goal is to achieve and support a state of balance and harmony upon which good health and can rest. In 1976, Mick was first introduced to the Eastern concept of Chi (Qi) by his first teacher. That teacher was an US Navy Seal … Read Full Article

this is an infographic of survivorship programs offered as well as prices charged

The Art of Living In Cancer Survivorship Programs and Pricing [Infographic]

We are less than ten days away from bringing evidence-based mind-body medicine interventions to West Michigan. The Absenger Cancer Education Foundation (ACEF) will be West Michigan’s only organization dedicated exclusively to integrate evidence-based mind-body medicine, designed and tailored to guide and support you and your family's cancer survivorship needs. Now is as good as any time to introduce you to the … Read Full Article